Assist the city in making financially sound budget decisions: When elected, Tony intends to bring his knowledge and expertise as a Certified Public Accountant to The Pearland City Council. He believes that council men and women must be wise with the decisions that are made on behalf residents, especially during this time of financial uncertainty. He plans to offer sound financial advice, grounded in solid accounting principles and fiscal responsibility to assist the city in making financially sound budget decisions.

Support our police department and keep Pearland safe: Pearland recently made national headlines for being one of the safest places to live in America. We have much to be proud of, but we also owe it to our residents to continue this effort. With recent reports of a postal delivery man being robbed at gun point in our city, it is clear that we must continue to be vigilant in our efforts to maintain the safety of our residents in Pearland. Tony plans to make crime prevention a priority by continuing to support our police department, encouraging collaborative efforts between the police force and Pearland residents (i.e. Pearland Citizen’s Police Academy) and by exhausting all available options to keep our city a safe place.

Encourage commercial development: Pearland is ranked as the fastest growing communities in the Houston region and the 15th fastest growing in the nation (U.S. Census, 2010). Unfortunately, residential growth is not enough to sustain the economy of our city. Research shows that cities thrive only when there is a sufficient amount of commercial development to support residential growth in the area. Tony plans to continue to encourage commercial development when he is elected to council to ensure our city’s long-term economic success in the Texas Gulf Coast region.

Address citywide traffic flow: Residents in Pearland continue to express their dissatisfaction and concern with the traffic flow in and around Pearland. While efforts have been made to alleviate this concern (i.e. Magnolia Road, traffic light synchronization), there is still work to be done. It is important for the city to continue to pursue this topic because it has significant implications on multiple facets of daily living for Pearland residents. For example, if we can alleviate traffic on 518, residents are more likely to shop in the store fronts on this road because they will not fear sitting in traffic. Additionally, residents on the Eastside of the city openly express their frustration with the lack of accessibility to shopping venues on the west side of town as a result of poor traffic flow.

It will also be important for City officials to build, strengthen and maintain relationships with those who have jurisdiction to roadways and traffic lights connected to our city. As it stands, we can have the best roadways within our city limits and still be limited by poor traffic flow as a result of decisions that are beyond our jurisdiction. Relationships with these governing bodies are likely to enhance the experience that our residents have when exiting and entering Pearland.

Make “Shop Local” a guiding principle: Tony is a dedicated advocate of the “shop local” initiative, which was initiated by The Pearland Chamber of Commerce. Tony believes this issue to be of utmost importance for Pearland residents because of the benefits given back to residents when they shop local. As stated on the Chamber website “Your investment in local businesses keeps dollars flowing in our city to build schools, roads, improve emergency services and much more!” Tony believes in this issue so much that he has committed to making all campaign related purchases in Pearland. For more information about the effects of shopping local, visit:

Why Buying Local Matters
Buying Local: How it Boosts the Economy
The Civic Economics of Retail

Continue to support efforts to Keep Pearland Beautiful: Tony agrees with Pearland residents who feel that the look of our city matters. In other words, it is important to take personal responsibility as a city resident or elected official to do what we can to Keep Pearland Beautiful. As an avid runner and biker, Tony has a vested interest in supporting efforts to keep our environment clean and healthy. In addition to the rest of the residents in Pearland, Tony also enjoys an extended system of safe sidewalks, trails and parks throughout the Pearland area. When he is elected to City Council, Tony plans to be responsible for his contribution to the city and he will continue to support local organizations which hold this mission at heart.

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